Some Frequently Asked Questions about the First Dance

First Dances by Greg

  • Do we really need lessons to dance our First Dance?
  • Of course not! Thousands of couples get married each year and they never even give their First Dance a second thought. If you want to make a lasting impression on your guests and have something memorable for your photographer/videographer to record at your reception, then I suggest having a professional dance teacher help with your First Dance.

  • I have seen DVDs (for sale on-line) that promise to teach a wedding dance, do they work?
  • Yes! Ask yourself how much time you are willing to devote to learning the patterns on the tape and then stick to it! But, if you are like most people, you will become overwhelmed with "wedding duties" as well as day to day life and without a more formal appointment, with your dance teacher, it is easy to find excuses not to practice with the tape. I highly recommend you work with a professional dance teacher.

  • We want our First Dance to be perfect, how far in advance should we start our lessons?
  • It is never too early to start taking dance lessons! For the best results, I recommend scheduling your first lesson at least 3 months prior to your Wedding Day. Based on my experience, I have noticed that things come up during those three months and this will insure that you and your instructor have plenty of time to work on your First Dance. Keep in mind that, the week before your Wedding, it is nearly impossible to schedule any lessons. It is important to make sure that you are comfortable with your First Dance by then and the only way to guarantee that is with time and practice.

  • It is difficult for us to get to a Studio to take dance lessons, would you travel to us by any chance?
  • Absolutely! That is part of what makes First Dances by Greg so unique - I come to you! We can work in your living room, local gym, office, club house, etc.

  • How much should we spend on lessons for our First Dance?
  • There really isn’t a set amount, it depends on how many lessons you and your instructor decide it will take for you, as a couple, to feel comfortable with your First Dance. I charge $90/lesson and I have found that most couples can learn their First Dance in as little as 10 lessons. Be aware that some Dance Studios charge less for lessons, and some charge more, but they don't come to you. You need to decide how badly you want to learn a First Dance for your reception. Some people opt to learn the basics from a video, but remember a lot will be going on during the year and a video is easier to overlook than a standing appointment with your dance teacher.

  • I consider myslef a good dancer, but my fiancee isn't, can you help us?
  • Of course! That is yet another good reason to have the one-on-one (one-on-two) attention of a dance teacher. He/She can gauge your individual abilities and put together a First Dance that both of you will find challenging as well as rewarding!

  • We haven't picked a song for our First Dance, any suggestions?
  • Yes! Most couples come to me with "Their Song" already selected, but some don’t. So, on our first lesson together, I will play several popular First Dance songs and demonstrate the dance styles that go along with the songs. We would then pick a dance style you like and a song to match. It really is that simple!

  • We both have "two left feet," can you really teach us to dance?
  • Absolutely! "Two left feet" is my favorite dancing affliction. It simply means that you have attempted to dance, but lacked a basic understanding to feel comfortable while dancing. I promise you I will not put together a First Dance that isn’t comfortable for you to dance. The Golden Rule in dancing is, as in most things in life, if it feels comfortable, it will look good!