Something OLD, NEW, BORROWED, & BLUE ?!?

First Dances by Greg

  • Including something OLD symbolizes continuity!
    Items to try: great-grand-parents' wedding portrait on display at the reception, buttons from one of dad's old coats, piece of lace from Grandma's gown sewn into the hem of yours, historic wedding site, vintage wine dating from the year you were born, parents' cake topper.

  • Including something NEW symbolizes your optimism for the future.
    Items to try: charm from charm bracelet, custom fragrance, cocktail created especially to honor the bride and groom, hot new haircut or highlights, leather guest book (with enough room, on each page, for guests to write a personal note).

  • Including something BORROWED denotes borrowing of happiness from another person.
    Items to try: fresh flowers from Grandma's garden, Mother-in-law's earings, poet's or philosopher's words to include in the ceremony, your aunt's pearl-handled knife for the cake cutting, Dad's silk handkerchief.

  • Including something BLUE ensures fidelity, good fortune, and love.
    Items to try: blueberries (in the bouquets and centerpieces), blue ribbon for your hair or bouquet, baby blue petticoat or slip, blue-stone tiara, blue chalk to scrawl bride and groom's names/initials on the sidewalk.

  • -- Source for Wedding Traditions -- the knot!